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Fetal & Maternal Monitor 

  • 12.1’’ Color TFT LCD touch screen 

  • Advanced ARM system, convenient for maintenance and upgrade Standard and Big Font parameter interfaces 

  • High sensitivity waterproof probes 

  • Built-in 112mm width thermal printer 

  • Full data review up to 120 hours 

  • Automatic fetal status scoring system 

  • Wall-mountable 

  • Wired/Wireless central monitoring system options up to 128 beds 

  • Option of connectivity to external printer 

  • 3 levels alarm system 

  • Standard configurations: FHR, TOCO, FM, AFM, Thermal printer 

  • Optional configurations: FHR2, Fetal Stimulator, External Printer 


STAR5000 E 

Fetal & Maternal Monitor 

  • 5.7 inch TFT touchscreen 

  • Built-in 112mm width thermal printer 

  • Built-in Li-ion battery, up to 4 hours operating time 

  • Manual / Automatic FM measurement 

  • Automatic fetal status scoring system 

  • FHR signal strength indicator 

  • 60 hours real-time waveform reply & storage 

  • Timing monitoring function to avoiding over-time monitoring 

  • Optional connectivity to central monitoring system 

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